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ORIGIN | Colombia
REGION | Nariño
NOTES | Cocoa, Praline, Dark Cherry
ROAST | Light
VARIETAL | Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo 
PROCESS | Washed
ELEVATION | 1600-2100 masl

Fundacion Agraria y Ambiental Para el Desarrollo Sostentible (FUDAM) is a 300-member association of organic-certified (and Rainforest Alliance–certified) growers that was founded in the year 2000 by just seven producers who shared a vision of sustainable agriculture as well as environmental protection and development. This group of smallholders lives in and around the small municipality of La Union in Nariño. FUDAM's membership believes firmly in the principles of sustainability that drove them to band together in the first place. When asked recently why the group continues to farm organically despite mounting pressure to rely on chemical inputs, the association’s leadership explained, “This is just how we live, these are our values and our way of life.”


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