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It is our joy to bring you a unique collection of single origin coffees from around the globe - roasted in small batches to preserve the flavors intrinsic to each raw bean.  Our selections rotate seasonally and are sourced from Fair Trade Certified™ and organic farms.


Sara is the expert on-site plate spinner with an incessant urge to see new places and meet new people.  

John’s artistry (and occasional touch of obsessive-retentiveness) comes through in his roasting. He is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and is a graduate certificate holder for roasting from the Academy of Coffee Excellence.

We reside in Columbus, OH and roast inside Global Gallery Cafe in Clintonville.

Our Story

While we have always been intrigued by the complexity and variety that coffee has to offer, lately traversing the world of coffee has become something of an obsession for us.  In 2015, when we were still hand-roasting green coffee in our kitchen, we also designed and built a teardrop camper. We set out to see the country with our two spirited children and found ourselves as taken with the beautiful vistas as we were with new friends we met along the way.  We knew we wanted to bring that sense of adventure and community back to our hometown, and launched Ramble Coffee in October of 2016.   

Whether we are perfecting a roast, learning about a farm or co-op, or experimenting with brewing methods, a spirit of exploration leads the way.

John + Sara


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