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ORIGIN | Guatemala
REGION | Acatenango
NOTES | Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Citrus
ROAST | Medium
GROWN BY | Monte de Oro 
PROCESS | Natural
ELEVATION | >1530-1690 masl

MARIO ALARCÓN MELENDEZ is the 5th generation to oversee his family farm located in the Acatenango valley.

Mario took over from his parents in 2008 and majored in Mechanical Industrial Engineering. He put his education to good use by designing a state of the art wet mill that dramatically improved coffee quality and increased efficiency at the farm.

Currently his farm has more than 5 varietals, each with their own microclimate and unique soil type that utilize 3 different processes (washed, natural, and honey), all which can produce a wide variety of flavor profiles.

Mario and his partner Christian run Truth Trading Company, a boutique coffee exporter in Guatemala that has a mission of transparency in connecting roasters with Guatemalan coffee producers. This is our second year and the fourth lot that we have purchased through them.

In the cup it has nice fruity notes of cherry and dark chocolate with a citrus-like acidity.

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