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ORIGIN | Sulawesi
REGION | Bone Bone
NOTES | Sweet Lime, Rice Syrup, Herbal
ROAST | Medium
GROWN BY | Rantemario
PROCESS | Washed
ELEVATION | 1400 masl

SULAWESI BONE BONE RANTEMARIO is a washed coffee from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Rantemario carefully curates coffees from small holders on Sulawesi to make an impressive, consistent Grade 1 blend. Bone-Bone village (pronounced BO-nay BO-nay) is know locally for being uniquely committed to healthy living and sustainable farming, as it is a non-smoking village with no chicken farms and no use of pesticides - a rarity among villages in the area. Coffee is planted at around 1400 masl on the highlands above the village.

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