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ORIGIN | Nicaragua
REGION | Madriz
NOTES | Sweet Cocoa, Clove, Citrus
ROAST | Light
VARIETAL | Bourbon, Typica
PROCESS | Washed
ELEVATION | 1200-1350 masl

Cooperativa Multifuncional Jose Alfredo Zeledon (JAZ) is a small, democratically
run association comprising 357 smallholder members in Madriz, Nicaragua. It is one of the cooperatives that make up the second-tier organization PRODECOOP.

Co-op JAZ was founded by only 35 smallholders in 1996, and has grown to now include farmers from 12 different communities in the area. A strong emphasis is up on electing leadership and representatives who are diverse and reflect the entire community: Its leadership structure includes a board of directors, supervisory board, a commission for education and promotion of cooperativism, and a gender commission. There is also a small extension service of 4 volunteer members, who provide technical assistance and agricultural guidance to the community; the extension service is run by a daughter of one of the producer members. The co-op dues are used to provide members with tools, training, genetic material for coffee, a demonstration plot for educational purposes, and more.

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